système de Scalp libre

développement et de production fut signé le, alors que Matra et BAe avaient achevé la fusion de leurs activités missilières pour former Matra BAe Dynamics. Extended range and sophisticated mission planning allow avoidance of ground-air defence systems. When a feature match is achieved the target will be acquired and the required aim point selection tracked and used as the reference for the missile terminal guidance.

Excellent navigation accuracy provided by tight integration of INS, GPS and terrain reference navigation system. La charge militaire broach comporte une première charge pénétrante pour traverser le sol et le blindage d'un bunker, suivie d'une charge principale dont l'explosion peut tre retardée. The first fully guided firing of the storm shadow / scalp EG took place successfully at the CEL Biscarosse range in France at the end of December 2000. Storm Shadow/Scalp EG is a survivable, stealthy, cruise missile, with avionics tailored to meet the most demanding operational requirements: Long stand-off range minimizing aircraft and crew vulnerability and maximizing radius of action.

This forex online1 redundancy provides it with good navigational precision and excellent resistance to countermeasures. In January 1998 Matra BAe Dynamics (a subsidiary of the Lagardère and British Aerospace groups) received a major contract from the French Ministry of Defence for the mass-production of 500 scalp cruise missiles. The first qualification firing was successfully carried out in Sweden in August 1997. Following an Air Tasking Order, the Squadron would prepare the mission data file with the pre-planned data, together with the latest operational intelligence. Tags: Al-Qaim, armée de l'air, Chammal, Daesh, EI, Etat islamique, Irak, Mirage 2000, missile, Rafale, raid, Scalp. Pour les préserver, le tir à distance de sécurité est devenu primordial. Parcourir les produits et les annonces. For complex and pre-determined missions, much of this data would have been pre-prepared earlier at the Command Headquarters. Obtenir des informations en XML pour filtrer le meilleur contenu. Storm Shadow is an air-launched, conventionally-armed, long-range, stand-off, precision weapon, which is deployable at night or day, in most weather and operational conditions. À proximité de son objectif, le missile remonte jusqu'à une altitude optimale, permettant d'identifier au mieux la cible. The first phase of the mission planning regime ensures that the missile navigates to the target with maximum survivability and then enters a robust target acquisition and terminal guidance phase.